Edwynn Studio offers photographs and services for customers looking for something "out of the ordinary".  In some instances these services or photographs will require a separate consultation and possibly an additional fee.

High Key     

High Key is photography where the background used is completely white.  This type of photography is extremely popular for portraits of babies, young children and weddings.  For portraits of babies and young children the parents are encouraged to work with us to use a variety of props and settings to capture the unique personality of the child.

Mother and Child Portraiture

This is a portrait in which a Mother and her baby are photographed together in a High Key setting.  The mood of the photograph is soft and warm.

Senior Portraits

For Senior Portraits we photograph the Senior Student in a more contemporary pose trying to emphasize the individual's particular personality and interests. 

Our Family Album

This service is a long term commitment between the Customer and Edwynn Studio.  The focus of this album is to capture those special family moments as the years go by.  A package is established and the Customer will receive periodic photographs. An album is provided which is specifically designed for these Portraits.


All prices quoted are for unframed portraits.  However, we do offer a large selection of quality frames to compliment your portrait at a 25% discount.  Our staff will frame your portrait free of charge. 

Environmental Portraits

Portraits can be taken at any desirable outdoor location. 

In Home Portraits

Portraits can be taken in the comfort of your own home, showcasing your home as the backdrop for the portrait session.

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